Time to replace the old workhorses?

Time to replace the old workhorses?

There comes a time when the old well-worn, comfy workhorses need to be replaced by new, state of the art safety workboots or safety shoes that are comfortable from the outset.

Oliver and Blundstone are longstanding Australian footwear manufacturers, who have spent many thousands of hours and dollars since the 1800's on developing safety footwear that meet the most stringent Australian Standards and are also surprisingly comfortable from day one.

Various safety mechanisms are built into footwear today.  The old steel toe cap is still around and will probably always be, but there is the also the non-metallic composite toe cap, which is airport friendly and saves you the hassle of having to take off your boots before walking through the scanners. 

Then there is the metatarsal protection built into some boots, offering protection to the bones between the ankle and the toes.  Metararsal protective boots are compulsory in many mining and industrial workplaces today. 

Add to this the implementation of fire and chemical resistant materials and water resistant designs and there is a boot or shoe for every application from Oliver or Blundstone.  The entire ranges of both these manufacturers are displayed on our website at very competitive prices. 

New boots or shoes?  Why not get a few pairs of Bamboo socks from their wide range of colours?  Thick socks for boots, business socks for shoes and sports ped socks for play time or casual wear.  These products by Bamboo Textiles are comfortable, eco-friendly, antibacterial socks and will make the new boots and shoes even more comfortable to wear.  

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