Corporate & Hospitality

We also look after our customers who work in workplaces outside the industrial and mining areas, where corporate uniforms are usually worn. This includes all styles of mens’ and women’s wear.

Branded corporate uniforms in Australia are an important projection of the image of a company, the marketing value of which should never be disregarded.

Also in this range of workwear, we offer our customers the luxury of choice from a wide variety of suppliers as demonstrated by the brand logos below.

The supply of high quality men’s and women’s corporate uniforms from a wide range of brands is one of the more important functions of WorkWear 4U and we usually decorate these with high-quality embroidered company logos.

We also supply leather belts, corporate safety shoes and bamboo socks.

Hospitality has a wide range of special requirements, as do medical and dental practices and we look after these customers as well.

We often do screen printing and vinyl heat pressing on hospitality garments for branding purposes.

Our more prominent suppliers of corporate and hospitality wear are listed below:

Biz JBs-wear DNC Workwear Jonsson Workwear