We stock industrial and corporate safety boots and shoes and accessories like boot and shoe laces from two highly reputable Australian manufacturers. Both these manufacturers have been manufacturing safety workboots and safety workshoes for many decades and they both have excellent records in manufacturing safety workboots in Australia and safety workshoes that are compliant with Australian industrial and mining requirements.


Oliver Footwear has existed since 1887, manufacturing boots for farmers and miners. Today Oliver manufactures safety footwear in Australia in a modern manufacturing plant in Ballarat.


Blundstone was founded in Tasmania in 1870 and still manufactures their wide range of safety footwear there.


We also stock highly durable socks from Bamboo Textiles Australia and JB’s Wear, as well as boot protectors from DNC WorkWear.

Bamboo fibre socks have become very popular not only in the mining and industrial world, but also in the corporate world as a result of being particularly absorbent and breathable, as well as naturally bacteria inhibiting.

The bacteria inhibiting characteristic comes from a unique anti-bacterial agent present in bamboo plants called “bamboo kun”. Combined with the tight molecular structure of bamboo fibres, this substance provides anti-bacterial and bacteriostatic properties that can outlast more than 50 washes.

Bamboo kun counters foot odours remarkably well and unlike some chemical additives, it does not cause skin irritations and other chemically related problems.