We have built our business model on offering our customers a wide selection of industrial, corporate and casual workwear from the product ranges of all the more reputable brands available in Australia.

Our aim is to offer our customers a wide spectrum of quality vs affordability. Very often garments are not subjected to high wear and tear in the workplace and a garment of arguably a slightly lower quality and durability at a lower price could adequately meet the requirements of the customer.

The supply of good quality hi-viz safety clothing in Australia, is a high priority with us and our hi-viz safety clothing include hi-viz work shirts, with or without reflective tape, work pants and work jeans with reflective tape, hi-viz jackets, raincoats, coveralls and a variety of casual hi-viz work shirts in Australia, like polos, tee shirts and singlets.

We also offer our customers a wide range of informal, corporate and casual workwear from all these industrial brands, as well as from reputable and well-known non-industrial brands.

Workwear online shopping from our webstore is really easy. The webstore works intuitively and it is easy to navigate between the various brands and products and services we provide. Allow the cursor to glide over the various images and brand logos and you will see that they are usually active and will link you to products and shopping facilities.

Please note that our workwear online shopping in Australia, currently does not include Bisley products. However, Bisley products can be ordered from us by email or phone call, or bought from our shop at 154 Wood Street, Mackay, QLD.

In alphabetical order, our industrial workwear suppliers are:


Bisley Workwear started trading in 1950 and is currently a division of Gazal Apparel Pty Ltd, based in Sydney, NSW.
Bisley products are not sold from our webstore, but can be ordered by email or phone call, or bought from our shop at 154 Wood Street, Mackay, QLD.


DNC Workwear

DNC Workwear (DNC is short for “Durable N Comfortable”), was established in 1996 in Adelaide, SA.


Hard Yakka

Hard Yakka has been around since the 1930’s when David Laidlaw founded the business in Brunswick, Victoria.


Jonsson Workwear

Jonsson Workwear was established in the mid-1950’s and is based in Durban, South Africa, with their manufacturing plant in Durban and in Lesotho, Southern Africa, and their Australian warehouse and distribution centre in Melbourne, VIC.



KingGee has its origins in Sydney going back to 1926 when Robert Adcock founded the business.



The Stubbies brand was established in 1972, when Edward Fletcher & Co started the business.



Visitec was established in 1995 in Sydney, NSW as an innovator of high visibility, light weight, breathable and colour retentive microfibre work shirts.