We take pride in doing our customers' screen printing in Australia and heat pressing in-house. We have the facilities to design artwork in conjunction with our customer, to create artwork masks to produce silk screens and then to carry out screen printing directly on garments, or by first producing paper transfers, which we then heat press onto garments.

We also do heat pressing of vinyls onto garments. Vinyls are used for multi-coloured and complicated artwork designs and where colours are shaded.

Pricing is based on quantity of prints and the number of colours per print. Each colour is a separate screen, therefore more setup costs, whereas more prints means less setup costs per print. The size of the print does not really matter, as each print has to go through the same process.

Low quantities of prints become very expensive, as can be seen on our webstore. Vinyl heat pressing may be a less expensive option to consider. Contact us for pricing on vinyls for low (or high) quantities.

Repeat order prints cost less than new design prints, because the artwork and screens are already made. All that needs to be done is screens need to be cleaned and set up again on the printing carousel, therefore less setup and print cost.

Screens will be kept for a year after a screen printing order had been filled, after which we reserve the right to clean the screens for other designs. Repeat orders after a period of a year may attract new design charges. Screens cost several hundred dollars and cannot be expected to lie dormant indefinitely.

The better the quality of the artwork file the customer provides, the better the quality of the screen and the clarity of the print on the garment. High resolution PDF, JPG or PNG files are best.