Website Terms

The definitions of the WorkWear 4U Website Store Terms and Conditions apply, with the following additional definitions:
User means the party who has accessed the WorkWear 4U Website through the Internet using the URL.
Terms of Use of the WorkWear 4U Website
These Website Terms of Use govern the use of the website vested in the domain name “” (this Website). The User who accesses, uses, browses, registers with, comments, places orders, makes requests or interacts with the site in any way, acknowledges and agrees that such access to and use of the Website is subject to these terms and to all Australian laws that may apply, at the explicit risk of the User.
Should the User not accept and agree to these terms in their entirety, the User is obliged to exit this Website and not re-access the Website unless these terms are accepted and agreed to.
These Website Terms of Use, which includes the WorkWear 4U Terms and Conditions for the ordering and purchasing of Goods and Services from the WorkWear 4U Website Store, the WorkWear 4U Privacy Policy, the WorkWear 4U Returns and Refunds Policy and the WorkWear 4U Delivery Terms, set out the entire agreement between the User and WorkWear 4U and supersedes to the fullest extent permitted by law all prior terms, conditions, warranties and/or representations.
WorkWear 4U may amend or update these Website Terms at any time by posting any changes on this Website, without providing notice to any party. By continuing to access and use this Website, the User will be deemed to have accepted and agreed to any revisions, additions and deletions of these terms.
Copyright and trade marks
This Website and all material provided on this Website are owned or licensed by WorkWear 4U Pty Ltd, which includes the artistic and functional design and layout of the Website.
Under no circumstances may the content on this Website be copied, reproduced, uploaded, distributed to a third party or the public, modified or adapted without the prior written consent of WorkWear 4U, except where necessary for the viewing of the material on this Website on the browser of the User, or as permitted under the current Australian Copyright Act, the current New Zealand Copyright Act, other applicable laws, or these Website Terms.
The information contained on this Website is provided by WorkWear 4U in good faith and was regarded as accurate and current by WorkWear 4U at the time of posting. It is possible that the Website content may contain outdated information, errors or inaccuracies and may not be totally complete and current in all respects. WorkWear 4U and its directors and employees make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, as to the operation of this Website or the information, content, materials or products posted on this site, except as otherwise provided under any applicable laws, and then only to the minimum extent required.
Limitation of liability
Other than any liability implied by legislation, which includes consumer laws, the liability of WorkWear 4U in relation to goods or services supplied to the User will, at the election of WorkWear 4U, be limited to:
 In relation to Goods, the replacement or repair of the Goods, the supply of equivalent Goods, the payment of the cost of replacing or repairing the Goods or the payment of the cost of obtaining equivalent Goods; and
 In relation to Services, the repeat provision of the Services, or the payment of the cost of having the Services repeated.

The above nominated remedial measures are in addition to, not in place of, the rights at law of the User that cannot be lawfully excluded. Subject to any rights the User has under Australian consumer protection Law, WorkWear 4U will not otherwise be liable to the User or any other party for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, punitive or exemplary loss or damages, including but not limited to damages for loss of revenue, profits, interest, anticipated savings, or any expense, or business interruption, goodwill or business opportunity, or injury to reputation, or the loss of data or information, or damages for product liability, or personal injury or negligence resulting from the use of Goods or Services supplied to the User, or on behalf of the User, through this Website.
Virus warning
WorkWear 4U takes all the care that can be reasonably expected to ensure that this Website and any data transmissions to the User are free from viruses and malicious software. However, WorkWear 4U does not guarantee that any software or data file available for execution through and/or download from this Website is free from viruses or other malicious software, which could cause damage to hardware or software, or could corrupt or interfere with data of the User, or any party who the User interacts with over the Internet or through any alternative electronic data transfer device or system. It is the responsibility of the User to run protective software and to scan any data exchange for viruses and malicious software and the User assumes all risk of use of all software and files on this Website and the User releases WorkWear 4U entirely of all responsibility and liability for any consequences of the use of this Website.
Use of Cookies
Cookies are small information files stored on the browsers on the computer hard drives of Users through internet interaction with websites, to (inter alia) maintain records of such interaction between the parties. WorkWear 4U uses cookies for this very purpose, which assists us to improve our service and to review and develop the product ranges and services we offer. These cookies do not contain any private and confidential information and details. If cookies are disabled on the web browser of the User, some of the features of this Website may become unavailable or may malfunction and the interaction with this Website may not be to the expectations of the User.
Third party sites
Third party sites may be linked to the WorkWear 4U Website through prior arrangement. Third party sites are not under the control of WorkWear 4U and therefore WorkWear 4U does not assume responsibility for the content of such third party sites. The User carries the full responsibility for accessing third party sites through the WorkWear 4U Website and must ensure that protective measures are in place as is described in the section “Virus warning” above. The links to third party sites are provided for the convenience of the User and by the provision of these links, WorkWear 4U does not implicate, expressly or otherwise, any endorsement of these sites, or the products or services provided on these sites.
Applicable Law
These Website Terms of Use are governed by the laws in force in Queensland, Australia and the User unconditionally and irrevocably submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Queensland, Australia and any Courts which may hear appeals from these Courts.
This Website may be accessed internationally and WorkWear 4U makes no representations that the content of this Website complies with the laws (including intellectual property laws) of any country outside Australia. Any User who accesses this Website from outside Australia does this at his/her own risk and assumes all responsibility for complying with the laws that apply in the place from where this Website is accessed.
These Website Terms of Use only apply to and are only enforceable by WorkWear 4U and the User as a result of the User interacting with the WorkWear 4U Website. The User may not assign, transfer or sub-contract any of the rights or obligations he/she may have under these Website Terms of Use to any third party without the prior written consent of WorkWear 4U and no third party shall be entitled to enforce any of these Website Terms of Use, whether by virtue of legislation or otherwise.
Ownership of submissions
Apart from private personal information and details, which is subject to the WorkWear 4U Privacy Policy, all legally compliant data and concepts transferred and offered to WorkWear 4U by the User through this Website in any format (“Submissions”) shall become and remain the property of WorkWear 4U upon submission.
The User is obliged to comply with the content standards for Submissions set out in these Website Terms of Use and warrants that he/she is legally entitled to submit these Submissions to the extent that the rights to these Submissions legally pass to WorkWear 4U upon submission thereof and that these Submissions comply with these Website Terms of Use.
WorkWear 4U and its employees are not responsible for any content or wider implication of any Submission and do not necessarily accept or agree with any Submission and do not accept any legal liability for any part of any Submission.
Social networking sites
These Website Terms of Use also govern any legally compliant Submissions made by the User on any WorkWear 4U related third party website or page, such as on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or other social networking site.
Intellectual property rights
Any legally compliant Submission made by the User, which upon its submission is deemed to be in compliance with and in acceptance of these Website Terms of Use, shall constitute an unreserved assignment to WorkWear 4U of any intellectual property rights in relation to the Submission, which shall include international property rights.
Any Submission to the WorkWear 4U Website shall be considered non-confidential and non-proprietary and WorkWear 4U reserves the right to disclose to third parties, distribute, copy, or use for any purpose any material in the Submission, including the disclosure of the identity of the User to any third party claiming that material posted in the Submission constitutes a violation of their intellectual property rights, or of their right to privacy or any other rights.
WorkWear 4U accepts no responsibility or liability to any third party for the content or accuracy of any Submission to this Website and reserves the right, without any obligations, to remove any Submissions made to the WorkWear 4U W in part or in total.
Rules for Submissions
Submissions are to be:

  • In English;
  • Polite and respectful to all parties;
  • Not infringe on the trademarks and intellectual property rights of third parties;

Submissions shall not include:

  • Profanity or blasphemy;
  • Racist, sexist, religious or any other discriminatory comments or content;
  • Abuse or threats against the personal safety or property of others;
  • Harassment of any party;
  • Criminal accusations;
  • False, misleading or defamatory statements;
  • Private personal information and details of any party, including that of the User;
  • Impersonations of others;
  • Comments about other reviewers or bloggers;
  • Information relating to Orders placed with WorkWear 4U, such as Goods and Services ordered, availability, price, delivery;
  • Information about the suppliers or manufacturers to WorkWear 4U;
  • Spam or advertising;
  • HTML code, computer script or website URL’s;
  • Third party brand names or trademarks;
  • WorkWear 4U, in its absolute discretion, reserves the right to:
    • not publish a Submission;
    • remove a Submission;
    • take any action deemed necessary, including legal action;
    • remove Submissions that have become irrelevant

Users are requested to notify WorkWear 4U of any Submissions that do not comply with these Website Terms of Use.
Electronic communications
The User acknowledges and agrees to receive and issue electronic communications of any nature, which may relate to legal matters and notices, agreements and disclosures from and to WorkWear 4U and that such communications constitute communications in writing.